• Ruthann Bowen

What Your Website Favicon Is And Why It's Important

What on earth is a favicon?

Short for 'favorite icon' it's the tiny logo/icon that appears in the open tab on your browser. And while it's only 16 x 16 pixels, it packs a lot of punch when it comes to your branding and professional presence.

There are three areas where you can see the impact of a favicon: branding, professionalism and user experience.

Branding: As the saying goes, the devil is in the details. Your favicon ensures that your branding stays consistent no matter where people are finding you. It's a sticky reminder to your visitor that they are on YOUR site.

Professionalism: Your favicon adds to the legitimacy of your site. By adding the favicon you're showing your visitors you pay attention to details. It keeps your website looking sharp in the browser and shows that you care about everything concerning your business. Even the tiniest of details like your favicon.

User Experience: Your favicon is a memorable, visual cue helping your visitors find you easily when navigating different tabs in their browsers. And not only does your favicon show up in the browser, it also shows up in history and bookmarks making it easier to come back over and over again.

Don't have the right image for a favicon? You can easily make one in Canva or even with the Wix logo maker. The optimal size is 16 x 16 pixels and should be saved as a jpg or png. Remember to keep it simple because the smaller size makes it harder to see fine details.

Here's an example of our own LeadFlo Theme favicon:

As you can see it's very simple. We took just one of the elements from our logo to keep with our branding. It has quite a bit of contrast (again, that helps with getting found quickly and easily) and there's nothing too small or tiny that gets 'lost in translation'.

Need some help with your favicon? Or your website in general? Reach out and let us know how we can help you!