6 Steps to Creating a Killer Blog [Part 2]

Our best tips on how to create a killer blog continue with tricks like learning your target market and promoting your posts.

Step 4: Understand how your ideal customer thinks

This is a key concept that should be mastered if you go into business. Understanding how your ideal customer thinks can lead them to your website and potentially a sale. Learn what phrases they are using in search engines, what questions do they need answered and what pain points are they dealing with? What is your solution to their challenges?

Step 5: Brainstorm and write your posts

Here is the hardest part, actually writing the blogs! Here is our suggestion: set aside 30 minutes to brainstorm as many working titles you can think of. Consider questions your target market asks and try to answer them using your keywords in the post. If you are having a hard time coming up with quality keywords or phrases. Most of the time, what you find interesting about your business, others will also find interesting. Write about what you know, but try to stay away from writing about YOUR business. It’s not about you, so write about who you are serving and how.

Step 6: Optimize your posts

After you are finished writing your post, you will want to optimize it so that your ideal customer can find it more easily. There are many simple and easy things you can do to optimize each post. While writing, include key phrases that your ideal client would use in the body text and title of your blog post. You can also optimize images by adding alt text. Add a link to another of your posts to give your audience something more to read. The last and very important optimization task is to make your post mobile-friendly. Google’s Mobile-First Indexing was put into play July 1 of 2019 to rank mobile friendly websites and content ahead of others because over 70% of the internet is viewed from a mobile device. Don’t miss out on that traffic! Because Wix is so easy to use for bloggers and business owners, a post might take just 10 minutes to optimize.

Step 7: Proofread and publish

Before you hit the publish button and share it with the world, make sure you have proofread all your text, tested internal and external links, placed call-to-actions in optimal locations and ensured that your images are clear and in the right position. If all these look good, hit publish and celebrate!

After you have published a blog or two via these steps, the best way to get the word out is to promote it. Promotion can be done in many effective ways and the best part is, many of them are free! We found that social media is the most effective way if you learn which platform is best for you whether it be LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or Instagram. After you promote your post, you can also measure its performance. There are many perks to tracking blog analytics such as seeing how many people read your post, which posts were popular and where your audience came from.

We hope these steps were helpful to you in starting and maintaining your blog. Although it’s a very daunting task and takes time to publish quality content, it’s worth it to stay in the eyesight of search engines and potential clients.