6 Steps to Creating a Killer Blog [Part 1]

Blogging is one of those topics that is talked about a lot, but is so hard to actually DO. Writing fresh new content is commonly put off by small businesses because there are more pressing matters at hand. But, the truth is that if you follow a writing plan for a few months, there is no doubt it will help your business, as well as your communication and writing skills. It CANNOT hurt you to blog. These first three tips will help you overcome any barriers between you and making a great blog, from learning why it’s important to blog, to brainstorming titles and topics.

Step 1: Understand Why Blogging is so Important

There are two main audiences you have to consider when creating and maintaining your blog: your human and non-human readers. It’s important from a human perspective to blog because it shows your current and potential customers you are invested in consistently giving them valuable information within the industry and that you’re an expert in your field with a unique viewpoint. From non-human reader’s perspective which includes search engines and algorithm bots, it’s important to blog because it gives new, consistent content for this audience to crawl. If done properly, the result will be a higher ranking on Google or other search engines.

Step 2: Determine a narrow focus for your blog

The second step to creating a killer blog is to determine your focus. Keep your focus wide enough so you have a good amount of subtopics to write about, but narrow enough that you are attracting your ideal client and no one else. The narrower and more pointed your content is that you write about, the more customers that YOU want will read it. For example, if you own a construction company that specializes in building commercial properties, you wouldn’t write about home improvement projects but you might write about how to become a commercial developer. Write what you know about.

Step 3: Choose a Name and Theme

When it comes to choosing a name and theme of your blog, pick one that not only fits your focus but also expresses the essence of your brand. This can help improve brand recognition and loyalty when users are able to recognize your brand from colors used or your logo. For a quick and easy start, use Wix website builder as it’s is an easy drop and drag builder which allows you to choose the perfect fonts and style for your blog.

We hope these three tips were helpful in starting and managing your blog. Stay tuned for the next 4 coming soon!